Learning Opportunities

We offer a range of courses, workshops and other opportunities to support the professional development of Ontario municipal tax and revenue specialists, including:

Municipal Tax Administration Program (MTAP)

MTAP is the foundational program for municipal tax and revenue professionals—a three-unit course developed by OMTRA and delivered through the Seneca College Centre for Continued Learning.

See our MTAP page  for more information or visit the Seneca College website for pricing and registration.

MTAP marking and mentoring

If you are an MTAP graduate in a senior tax-related position in an Ontario municipality, consider becoming a marker / mentor for MTAP. You will not only help guide the next generation of municipal tax professionals, but will also earn credit toward the prestigious Certified Municipal Tax Professional (CMTP) designation.

To learn more, or to volunteer your time, contact our Director of Education.

Certified Municipal Tax Professional accreditation

Becoming a CMTP marks the pinnacle of the municipal tax and revenue profession. OMTRA has the authority to grant Certified Municipal Tax Professional status to eligible members.

To learn more or apply, visit our CMTP page or contact our Director of Education.

Mentorship program

As part of our commitment to ongoing education and professional development, we promote ‘cross-over helping’ among members through regular interaction and exchange. We actively seek to foster a marketplace of ideas within our association, directing members to trusted sources of information.

Best practices, policies and procedures

We keep members in touch with current best practices in municipal tax and revenue collection. See the best practices section of our site for more detail.  

Satellite offerings

While most OMTRA learning programs are delivered in Southern and Central Ontario, we occasionally take our training on the road. Members can watch for announcements in our exclusive online communication tool, eVoice.


This timely, online publication keeps members abreast of current events in municipal tax and revenue, upcoming training and professional development opportunities, job postings and more. Members automatically receive this when they join OMTRA.