What is OMTRA?

OMTRA is the professional association for Ontario’s municipal tax and revenue specialists. Founded as AMTCO in 1967, it is a volunteer-run organization with some 500 members from municipalities, companies and organizations across the province.

Why should I consider joining?

OMTRA provides a wealth of resources to help you in your career, along with networking opportunities, educational and training opportunities, professional designation, workshops, job boards and more.

What are the benefits of being an OMTRA sponsor?

As a volunteer-run organization, we’re grateful to our sponsors for their support. To show our thanks, we offer sponsors unique benefits and opportunities including access to our best practices library and municipal survey results. Sponsors also receive a subscription to our exclusive eVoice online newsletter, have opportunities to query members on issues, and can view upcoming job opportunities.

Where can I learn about best practices?

Members interested in learning about policies and procedures used by other municipalities can take advantage of our exclusive library of best practices. Constantly updated, the library is a valuable source of tried-and-true methodologies.

If you’re looking for a specific area of best practice and are having trouble finding references, email us and we’ll send a request for information to all members. Responses returned are added to the library for the benefit of all.

How can I volunteer at events?

We are always looking for volunteers to support our events. To offer your time and expertise, please contact the Chair of the event you are interested in volunteering for. The Spring Training Seminar Chair can be reached by clicking here, and the Fall Conference Chair is available by clicking here.

How can I become a member of the OMTRA Board of Directors?

Leading up to the OMTRA Annual General Meeting each September, members are asked to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors by completing a simple form that explains the candidate’s interest in a Board position. All nominations must be moved and seconded by fellow members.

Can I purchase a membership individually if my municipality won’t pay for one?

Yes. Individuals working for a municipality or in other tax- or revenue-collection roles relating to municipal finance can apply for individual memberships. Please see our Become a Member page for more details.

Do I get a tax receipt for my membership fee?

Yes, a receipt is provided at the time of payment, for your records as well as tax purposes.

Do you offer a discounted membership rate for students?

Because there is no direct course of study for a career in municipal finance or taxation, OMTRA does not offer a special student rate.

Do OMTRA events count toward professional experience or continuous education/training requirements for professional designation?

OMTRA events, professional development opportunities and member-driven resources provide valuable experience and continuing benefits. Participation in OMTRA workshops, conferences, seminars and training opportunities also provide credit towards the Certified Municipal Tax Professional (CMTP) designation, the province’s highest designation for professionals in the industry.

How do I register for courses?

To register for the Municipal Tax Administration Program (MTAP), go to the Seneca College website. To sign up for OMTRA events, courses and workshops, click here.