POA Committee


The mandate of the Ontario Municipal Tax & Revenue Association -Provincial Offences Administration Committee is to:
Identify, review, and develop positions on financial issues related to the operation of municipal courts for review by the membership and approval by the Board of Directors.
Identify emerging issues and recommend policies, services, or products to assist the membership.
Identify potential approaches to helping OMTRA members manage, resolve and deal with key financial issues related to the operation of municipal courts.
Educate, train, and share Best Practices with the membership.
Communicate (via eVoice) new information and processes.
To effectively and efficiently represent and promote the interests of municipal professionals working within POA.


POA Committee

Melissa Chariot   Ross Rae
Region of Waterloo   County of Hastings
mchiarot@regionofwaterloo.ca   raer@hastingscounty.com
Angie Finateri   Janelle Benjamin
City of Ottawa   Region of York
angelina.finateri@ottawa.ca   Janelle.Benjamin@york.ca
 Lynn Matthews    Brian Popowich
 City of Hamilton    Region of York
 lynn.matthews@hamilton.ca    brian.popowich@york.ca
Wendy Stephanson   Annemilia Scola
City of Ottawa   City of Brampton
 wendy.stephanson@ottawa.ca    annemilia.scola@brampton.ca
    Maureen Zabiuk
    City of Vaughan

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