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Why join OMTRA?

As the professional association exclusively for Ontario’s municipal tax and revenue specialists, OMTRA provides a wealth of relevant resources to help you in your role and your career.

OMTRA members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including access to:

  • Networking opportunities within a tight-knit community of approximately 500 professionals, including member-developed resources, templates and forums
  • Educational and training opportunities including the Municipal Tax Administration Program (MTAP) through Seneca College
  • Opportunity to apply for Certified Municipal Tax Professional designation (CMTP)
  • Professional development workshops, committees, focus groups and survey participation, with discounted registration at spring and fall events
  • Job boards and volunteer opportunities

Every OMTRA member also automatically receives a subscription to our eVoice newsletter—full of news, facts, event listings and job postings for municipal tax and revenue specialists.

Membership period

OMTRA annual memberships are valid from January 1 to December 31 each year. Please note that after your first year of membership, fees paid after the stated due date will incur an administrative late fee of $50 plus HST.

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  • Full Member

    Who’s eligible?

    Any full or part-time employee of a municipal corporation, municipal utility provider or school board in Ontario who is engaged in tax or revenue administration, billing, and/or collection or municipal finance.

    Fee: $210.00

    HST: $27.30

    Total: $237.30

  • Associate Member

    Who’s eligible?

    Any employee of a municipal corporation, utility provider or school board in Ontario involved in tax, assessments, utility or revenue billing, collections or administration;

    OR, any employee or owner of a company or bureau that may be contracted or authorized for municipal revenue, tax or municipal utility billing, or collection duties;

    OR, any member of the provincial government or government employee in a branch of service that recommends policy or laws related to municipal tax collection, municipal utility administration or municipal revenue;

    OR, any member or officer of an affiliated municipal association.

    Fee: $210.00

    HST: $27.30

    Total: $237.30

  • Corporate Member

    Who’s eligible?

    Any municipality, school board or other realty taxing authority

    When you apply for corporate membership, please provide a list of up to 12 individuals as members to be included at the time you pay your dues. Each named individual must be a full or part-time employee involved in the administration or collection of property taxes, assessment, municipal utilities or municipal revenues.

    Member lists are valid for the one-year membership period and can be updated on renewal or following any change of a named individual’s employment status (e.g., resignation, retirement, termination, reassignment or leave of absence.)

    Fee: $1,600.00

    HST: $208.00

    Total: $1,808.00

  • Member in Transition

    Who’s eligible?

    Any individual who is unemployed or in receipt of employment insurance benefits and who, immediately prior to being so, was:

    • A member in good standing of OMTRA; and
    • Employed by a municipal corporation or a local board or by a government organization directly involved with the activities of a key service area

    Eligibility as a Member in Transition will be limited to a maximum period of two years, with the first being the year in which the member became unemployed or began to receive employment insurance benefits.

    Fee: N/A

    HST: N/A

    Total: Free for first year of transition

  • Retired Member

    Who’s eligible?

    Any member of OMTRA who has retired because of:

    • Reaching retirement age
    • Medical reasons
    • Downsizing, municipal amalgamation or reorganization

    To be a retired member you must not be receiving any form of remuneration from a municipality, except as the result of being elected to a municipal council.

    Fee: $35.00

    HST: $4.55

    Total: $39.55